We are delighted to make available to the public some key documents relating to Patrick Pearse and St Enda’s.

These include all four issues of the official school magazine, An Macaomh. Other documents include copies of the school prospectus and programmes for important school events. Click on the image of the document to access a full PDF which you can either read online or download to your own computer. If you wish to consult any items in the museum archives or collection, please contact us. Please acknowledge the Pearse Museum in any use of these documents.

Scoil Éanna Prospectus, 1909-10

This is one of the earlier versions of the school prospectus when St Enda’s was still based in Cullenswood House between Rathmines and Ranelagh. Pearse would have used it as a way of enticing parents into sending their sons to the school and publicising his educational philosophy. Unlike later editions, this one also features photographic illustrations.

Scoil Éanna Prospectus, 1910-11

Pearse regularly updated the school prospectus to reflect changes in staff and activities. This 1910-11 version reflects Scoil Éanna’s move to The Hermitage in Rathfarnham and includes a lengthy description of the property and its history.

Scoil Íde Prospectus 1910-11

This is a rare example of the prospectus for Pearse’s girls school, Scoil Íde, which he set up in Cullenswood House in 1910 when Scoil Éanna moved to Rathfarnham. The House Mistress was Mrs Gertrude Bloomer. It was not a financial success and closed for good in 1912.

The Boy Deeds of Cuchulainn, 22 June 1909

This is the programme for an outdoor performance of Pearse’s Irish-language pageant based on the early years of the mythic hero, Cúchulainn. It was performed in the grounds of Cullenswood House on 22 June, 1909.

St Enda’s Fête, 9th-14th June 1913

Pearse held a fundraising fête in the GAA sports grounds on Jones Road (now Croke Park) from 9 to 14 June, 1913. This programme outlines the various theatrical performances, exhibition sports matches, and other activities held there that week.

An Macaomh, Midsummer 1909

This edition of the school magazine, An Macaomh, was published at Midsummer 1909.

There were only four editions published – at Midsummer 1909, Christmas 1909, Christmas 1910, and May 1913. Each edition included an introduction by Pearse outlining his vision for the Scoil Éanna, contributions from the boys and information about the day-to-day activities of the school. They were illustrated with photos of school activities and images of significant artworks from its art collection.


An Macaomh, Christmas 1909

The edition of the school magazine was published at Christmas 1909. In it Pearse expands on his views on education and reflects upon the success the school has had in the classroom, on the stage and on the playing field.


An Macaomh, Christmas 1910

This was the first edition of An Macaomh after the school moved to its new home in The Hermitage, Rathfarnham. Pearse writes about their inspiring new surroundings and there are wonderful illustrations of the park by his nephew Alf McGloughlin. There is also a section devoted to Scoil Íde, the girls school which Pearse had just set up in Cullenswood House.

An Macaomh, May 1913

After a gap of nearly three years this was to be the final edition of An Macaomh. Pearse’s introduction to the magazine is much more radical and militant in tone to what it has been previously.

An Claidheamh Soluis, 23 August 1913

This article on St Enda’s which  appeared in the Gaelic League’s newspaper, An Claidheamh Soluis (‘The Sword of Light’) on 23 August 1913 gives a very detailed description of the school, the house and the grounds.